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Sell your old equipment and uniforms on this site!

Do you have an old punching bag, sparring equipment, old uniforms that don't fit, just sitting around a closet filling space?  Post on this website so other people can have the opportunity to buy it!

Good luck!

How to advertise what you want to sell...

...write what you want to sell, how much, where you are located, and how to contact you on a piece of paper (email and/or phone number).  Put it in an envelop with ONLY $1, and send it to Martin Yoder at:
246 Spring St.
Wooster, Ohio
Your classified will be posted with in a week and we will keep it on the website up until a year.  Please notify us when you've sold the item(s) so that we can remove your add from the website.

We also sell Wing Chun Equipment...

Wing Chun Equipment

Wing Chun Equipment

Sand bags, dummy's, etc.

Academy of Immortal Palm * 940 Spruce St. * Wooster, Oh * US * 44691